Raymond Toh

Project Director
Esmond Landscape and Horticultural Pte Ltd

He started as a determined florist at a very young age. He did landscape job and floral arrangements for various clients in Singapore. His great interest on the latter drove him to turn Corona Nursery – an inherited family business, into a lucrative one. That proved his capability to run a garden retail center efficiently.

More people believed in his skills and creativity that in 35 years of his experience, he became one of the trusted names in the landscape industry. Raymond is adept when it comes to landscape project implementation and nursery industry work. He is also an outstanding pot specialist in Asian Pottery. He shared his talent not only in Singapore but in abroad as well. He has worked in Holland for several years, garnering good responses from his clients. 

His works proved quality and uniqueness, and was recognized in some prestigious floral events. In 2005, Corona Nursery won a Bronze Award in Retail Nursery Display. And in the Singapore Garden Festival 2008, 2010 and 2012, he has been a part of Esmond Landscape and Horticultural’s Implementation Team who on the other hand garnered Silver, Gold and Best of Show Awards during the said events. Currently, Raymond continues his passion serving as the Project Director of Esmond Landscape and Horticultural Pte Ltd.