esturf es-turf synthetic turf artificial grass singapore
esturf es-turf synthetic turf artificial grass singapore

Esmond Landscape considers Synthetic Turf as a necessity, especially in the urban landscape designs the company did years back. It was in 2004 that they started marketing and installation of synthetic turf systems imported from the United States. Most of their landscape projects as well patronize the use of these products.

As the industry progresses, new demands spur. Learning from the use of the product, as well as through customers’ feedback, Esmond Landscape envisioned creating their own brand of turf – something that they aim to be better, of good quality yet price convenient. So the Esmond Turf was established.

The brand comprises a series of synthetic turf systems, varying based on intended use, colour and appearance. As the outcome of a long quest for product excellence, Esmond Turf embodies the ideal qualities to suit different turfing needs.

Introducing The Newest Synthetic Turf Systems

Esmond Turf Synthetic Turf System works even without an infill, because a layer of fibre mesh was added and the turf filament density is exceptionally higher. This makes it ideal for garden, landscape and leisure areas. Slope or vertical turf application is also favorable since it works without loose infills. This system offers a wide range of usability, affordability and durability at a low maintenance cost.

Real Like

Esmond Turf resembles a real turf. It is made up of monofilament fibers of the same or different colors bundled together to make a real grass appearance.


Esmond Turf’s fibers are made of polyethylene, a softer component compared to nylon and polypropylene. It is guaranteed safe and comfortable, making kids and pets enjoy the softness of a real grass.


Esmond Turf’s yarn fibers are flexile. It also has high resistance over wearing and strong tension making it stand heavy use.


Each strand of Esmond Turf is created with a spine making it resistant against crushing and gives it the support to project like a real grass. It is also highly UV protected, giving you a long lasting, living vibrant ambience.

Easily Cleaned

Esmond Turf synthetic turf system has a good drainage. It has a geotextile cloth, a layer permeable to water and air, to drain water or pet’s urine by itself thus making cleaning it easy and convenient.

esturf es-turf synthetic turf artificial grass singapore

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