Urban Landscape Design

Esmond Landscape and Horticultural offers a complete package for your landscaping needs. Our company specializes in all areas of landscaping services, covering from PLANNING to IMPLEMENTATION and MAINTENANCE. Our services guarantee satisfying outcomes and a consistent good client relationship. We have been one of the top choices of residential home owners and commercial establishments in Singapore to answer their landscaping needs. We provide clients not only services but education of the job as well. We believe that involving customers in every phase of the workflow is a helpful factor in attaining their desired landscape ambience. With our unique and custom designs, we will transform your garden space into a poetry of horticulture.

Concept Planning

How our client visualizes their unit is the company’s main inspiration in making a good landscape plan. We always make sure to select appropriate plants and accessories that would surely fit on what they want. We encourage participation in this stage to have a satisfying result – something that would really make them feel it is of their own. Given the ideas, our company considers every deal a special one. Esmond’s main designers John Tan and Raymond Toh humbly with their own hands furnish the intended landscape arrangement. Quality and creative ideas are assured since they are one of the most prominent landscape designers in Singapore.

Landscape Implementation

Esmond Landscape and Horticultural has a wide variety of plants readily available for the implementation of the agreed design. We also designed a team who specializes mainly on materializing the landscape design as planned. Aside from plants, our company also has synthetic turf, pots, decking, wall motifs and other landscape accessories on hand. All of these contribute to a faster and efficient accomplishment of the plan.

Landscape Maintenance

Our company does not end only at providing gratifying landscapes for our clients. We also take the responsibility of making sure that the plants remain healthy, safe and attractive all the time. Periodic cleaning, fertilizing and other maintenance activities are done as planned. Our landscape maintenance team exerts all their skills to keep the pleasing appearance retained or if not, improved.

Water Feature Design

A water feature, be it a fountain, pond, stream or waterfall, is an attractive piece in a garden or even indoors. See the photos of some of our company’s fascinating water features done for our clients in Singapore at our product page. We offer a variety of water features available or custom-made, designed creatively to mesmerize and we consider this as one of the company’s trademark. Our collection is sourced from all over Asia – each and every hand-picked to compliment your indoor or outdoor settings. We believe our water features’ tranquility will create music of peace and serenity to your ears.