Singapore Garden Festival 2018

John Tan of Esmond Landscape whose creation of Eternity Rings – Garden of Love and Commitment won a Silver Award at the prestigious Singapore Garden Festival held on the 21 July to 3 August 2018 at Gardens by the Bay.


The concept for this creation is the gift of an eternity ring symbolising love and everlasting commitment. In this landscape composition, the myriad of trees and plants of different colours represent previous stones, while the boulders mimic indestructible diamonds found on eternity rings.


This garden was designed to represent our love of nature and the people around us. It’s lush landscape transports us to serenity and offers the opportunity to spend time sitting on sandstone with someone dear to us, as we listen to water slowly trickle down on hanging green plants and into infinity-shaped ponds. 


The mountain of plants strongly support one. The olive tree signifying peace takes centre stage and spreads the message of love and peace to the world, while the boulder firmly stands for everyone who wishes to show their love by writing how they feel.