Pasir Ris Road Residence

LIAS Awards of Excellence 2015

This bungalow is near Pasir Ris park , and few meters further is a beach. The coastal ambiance is the main inspiration for the resort-like tropical landscape around the house.

Two big Phoenix sylvestris gives a welcome at the main garden, and is complemented with lush tropical greenery. Neutralizing the greens is the wide water feature pond with a few water plants. From the living room, the front garden makes a lovely background.

The narrow side garden leads the way into the patio and pool garden. It has a lush boundary comprising mainly of tropical plants like thaumatococus danielii and murraya paniculata. The dracaena draco is prominent but it blends well to the rest of the planting.

Another garden at the dining area is designed with huge foliage like asplenium nidus, cyathea arborea and alpinia purpurata. In the middle is an abstract sculpture. It’s a single art piece but it stands well among the tall plants around it. The garden is framed by the dining room’s window looking like a living artwork from inside.

The back garden is contoured with small and large plants combination. Other than the beautiful tropical ambience it makes, the back garden also contains spices like pandan, chili and limau purut, which the owner (who loves cooking) finds very handy.

The center of the house is a courtyard, with a minimalist design. In the planter is a plumeria “pink” thriving very well with other shrubs below it. For the groundcover, synthetic turf has been installed into the courtyard giving it a more natural look.

The second level terrace is converted into a roof garden. Accessible through the TV room, the roof garden creates a comfortable space for relaxation.
A series of olive trees and dissotis rotundifolia are arrayed nicely and makes way to the view of the beach and the park. Olive trees give the roof garden a Mediterranean touch.

The presence of dracena fragrans and dracaena surculosa inside the bathroom softened down the solid architecture giving it a very natural feel.

From the bedroom, the view of the neighboring big trees is fascinating. Minimal landscape is designed to blend the bedroom terrace’s view to the surrounding Pasir Ris park landscape, without taking so much space. The terrace garden’s warm ambiance is ideal for rest or easing down while enjoying the resort-like atmosphere.

The overall landscape of Pasir Ris residence perfectly matched the house’s design, enhancing the ambiance and giving a resort-like feel. It utilized the bungalow’s contemporary architecture to create a classy yet natural impression.